Available Presentations

DINOSAURS, ICE-AGE AND PREFLOOD WORLD: Have you ever wondered how people could live to be 900 years old? Where did Cain get his wife? Are dinosaurs in the Bible? What about the Ice-Age? Did dinosaurs go on Noah’s Ark? How old is the earth? How did coal form? Did dinosaurs live with man? All these and many more questions will be answered as we examine the world before Noah’s Flood. Best in two parts. Can be as short as an hour or as long as 3 hours. You decide.

FLAT EARTH, FALSE EDUCATION: Google searches for "flat earth" have gone up 800% from 2014-2017. This presentation addresses this growing issue to see why people are buying into this lie and show people how to process and discern through information.

AN UNHOLY SPIRIT IN THE CHURCH: Not every spirit in the church is from God. Just as Satan has this antithesis to every part of God (anti-christ) etc., there is a false spirit in the church that is amazingly similar to those seen in pagan religions. How do we recognize and not fall for them?

DO ALIENS EXIST?: Do they really exist or are they deceiving spirits? What does the Bible say about them?

CHRISTIANITY UNDER ATTACK: See how the world is twisting information to make creation seem like "child abuse." What can we do? Is there hope?

THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA: With homosexuality and transgender being pushed in our society and media, Christians must take a stand, but how? What is the homosexual agenda? Why are people gay? Is this about discrimination, love or rights or something else? Find out how to deal with the sensitive issue and be ready to have your worldview changed by Biblical thinking.

AMAZING ANIMALS: we will examine many animals such as the giraffe, bombardier beetle, fly, whale, dog, boxfish, cuddle fish, octopus, spider, gecko, butterflies, bees and more to show that evolution could not happen.

KEN HAM/BILL NYE DEBATE: A review of the debate with answers to questions that were left unanswered.

THE BIBLICAL FESTIVALS: Many think Passover and other festivals are Jewish, however, the Bible never calls them Jewish Festivals but rather the Lord's Festivals. This dvd will show how the Festivals point to Christ and His second coming. You will see how Jesus was crucified on Passover, rose on the Feast of First-fruits and ascended on Shavuot. The details of what the Jews have done for centuries and how they point to future prophecy will amaze you.

ARE YOU IN A BETHEL CHURCH? Is the trumpet sounding and no one is alarmed? Judgment begins in the house of God. Christ expects the ungodly to make unrighteous decisions, but He expects the Godly to be upright. This will take you through the book of Amos to see how God used judgment as a language of love. This book speaks clearly to us today about the repentance that is much needed in our churches today.

NOAH'S ARK: Is it still on Mount Ararat? What can we learn from the Ark today? Hear of eye-witness accounts of explorers.

NEW CREATIONS IN CHRIST: A challenging message examining what Scripture says about our identity in Christ. Many ideas that we have grown up with are not as Biblical as we once thought when we compare them to the Word of God. The truth in this video could perhaps be one of the greatest applications to the Christian life, freeing him from the bondage of the law and even depression so prevalent among believers today.

THE SHINING FACE OF MOSES: When Moses came down from receiving the Ten Commandments, his face shown with the glory of God. See how this wonderful event speaks to us today in reference to evangelism. You may be shocked to see that many of our modern day methods of evangelism are actually unbiblical.

OLD EARTH LAODICEAN COMPROMISE: Many Christians are trying to add long periods of time into the Bible, even quoting Scripture to do so. Hear systematic answers to these lies and see how inconsistent it truly is with the rest of Scripture and the doctrine of Christ. After watching this there will be no doubt that evidence of an old earth can not be found in the Bible.

PHARAOHS OF THE BIBLE: Who was Joseph in Egyptian Records? Is there evidence of the Israelites being in Egypt? Which Pharaoh killed Josiah? Are there really chariot wheels on the bottom of the Red Sea? Who did Solomon marry? Was it really Ramses whom Moses knew? Which Pharaoh refused to let Moses go? Which Pharaoh did Abraham bless? Were the pyramids built by the Israelites? Who raised Moses? Does the Bible line up with Egyptian history? Are there records of the Exodus plagues? You will be fascinated to see so much evidence supporting the Scriptures contrary to what the secular media would like you to think.

THE DATING METHODS: Many Christians think the earth is old based upon the dating methods. Once you see the process and understand the assumptions that must go into the science, you won't ever doubt the Bible and a young earth again. It is this very topic that brought Brian Young back to believing in God's infallible Word rather than man's fallible wisdom.

SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES OF A YOUNG EARTH: Explore topics such as carbon dating, tree rings, ice cores, population statistics, astronomy, erosion and more to see how all of them support an earth that could not possibly be millions and billions of years old. Shows how the Bible isn't against science but rather science gives credible support for the Bible and a young earth.

THE TABERNACLE: If you like to think of what heaven will be like you will love this dvd. Hebrews tells us that the Tabernacle was a pattern of what is in heaven. As we examine the Tabernacle and its furniture, you will see a glorious picture of a heavenly blueprint. See how this structure points to Christ, reveals things of heaven and shows us what God expects in our Christian walk.

THE GODLY FAMILY: Having problems with your children or grandchildren? This is one of our most requested presentations. See what the Bible says about the discipline and education of your children. This dvd will reveal what God sees as priority for your children and gives Biblical steps in raising a Godly family.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE OF THE EXODUS: Today scholars say there is no evidence of the Exodus. They don’t find it because they look in the wrong time zone. Whereas modern Egyptologists look in the 18th dynasty, the answers are found in the 12th dynasty. You will see actual records showing evidence of the plagues and Joseph’s reign. You will also see archaeological evidence of the babies murdered by Pharaoh and learn why the 12th dynasty is overlooked.

THE STARS: GOD’S WORD IN THE SKY In almost every ancient culture the names of the stars were recorded, yet the Bible says “God calls each star by name.” Do you suppose the names God calls them are the names that are preserved? When we closely examine them it seems that they are. In asking the question of whether Israel had heard the message of Christ we read in Romans “Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ. Did they not hear? Of course they did: ‘Their voice has gone out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world’” (Rom 10:17-18). I used to think it must have been the prophets that gave the “Word of Christ” to Israel until I realized that this was a quote from Psalm 19 declaring that the “words” and “voice” was from the heavens. See how each constellation gives a clear message of Christ as well as His return. This is NOT astrology, but simply Christ’s creation declaring His glory.

CREATION PHILOSOPHY IN EVANGELISM: Many people believe creation is just a side issue to Christianity, not realizing that without creation and a young earth, Jesus becomes meaningless. See how street evangelism reflects the false gospel that has been preached by most churches today. The ungodly view this world and the Bible differently than do the Godly, and you will see how creation is the number one reason for this. Find out how to effectively witness. If this doesn't light your fire for evangelism, your wood is really wet.

WHY CREATION IS IMPORTANT: Evolution is a clear answer to why the moral fabric of our society is unraveling. See how evolution is the main cause of abortion, homosexuality, divorce and compromise among many churches. This DVD will logically expose how evolution strips away the foundation of Christianity by making the death of Christ a meaningless event. Logically, if evolution be true, Christ is not who He says He is.

BIBLE CONTRADICTIONS: REALLY? Are there really contradictions in the Bible or is it that people just don't know their Bibles well enough? We will examine a number of supposed contradictions and reveal the Bible to be inerrant.

TEXTBOOK INACCURACIES: Examine a number of textbook teachings that just simply aren't true. Learn to discern between science and myth as we dive into the actual textbooks.

FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions are answered.

MOUNT ST HELENS: See explosive evidence for creation that blows evolution out of the water.

ISLAM AND ANTICHRIST: Are the peaceful Muslims? Could Islam play a part in end times. You may be surprised to see what the Qu'ran says.

WORLDVIEW WEAPONS: Get trained to think Biblically and consistently. Evolution is anything but consistent but the Bible comes out on top.