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Revelation 21

Hear about the New Jerusalem that is to come and how many confuse many promises of Scripture with the current city of Jerusalem today. What is the real prize for our future?

Revelation 20:7 to end

Hear of the second Armageddon Battle and why are there book(s) opened at the Day of Judgment along with the Book of Life. Are there degrees of glory and punishment in heaven? Finally, see how the Jewish Sages view what our time will be like in heaven and how that fits with the Feast of Tabernacles and a very important verse in Deuteronomy.

Revelation 20:1-6

What is the millennium? When does it take place? We examine a couple of different ideas that are out there regarding this Biblical doctrine.

Revelation 19 and Yom Kippur

Revelation 19:9 to end. See how the Day of Atonement is pictured in Revelation and how Jesus lived it out in part.

Revelation 19:1-8 Wedding Banquet

See how a Jewish Wedding is a picture of our relationship with Christ. Also an added tidbit on incest vs sexual immorality from Leviticus.

Revelation 18

Babylon is destroyed and God warns "Come out of her my people." See why the saints rejoice when God's wrath is poured out.

Revelation 17

After seeing the vial judgments of chapter 16 we now are shown that God was just in doing so as we reflect on the sins of Babylon. But who is Babylon, who is the Antichrist and from where will he come? Who is this man of Lawlessness and what does it mean to be lawless?

Revelation 16

Why did God choose the type of plagues he did in the vial judgments? What does Egypt have to do with the end time vials? What does it mean that God is jealous? Why won't these sinners repent?

Revelation 15

Why was Moses not allowed to go into the promised land? Why did he really plead with God and how is Moses a type of Christ? See how this chapter lays a good foundation for doctrinal truth for the church today as we get ready for the bowl judgments to be poured out in the next chapter.

Revelation 14 Rapture

Is there another view of the rapture besides that which we normally hear? How does the New Testament and Old fit together with this doctrine?

Revelation 14:6 to end

See how the earth is harvested and that there are actually 2 harvests that take place.

Revelation 14:1-5

In this chapter we discuss an overview of events in Revelation when Christ returns. We also see how Israel and Christ is the firstfruits offered to God. What was the festival of firstfruits and how does that play into the resurrection of Revelation?

Revelation 13:1 to end

As we finish chapter 13 we see demonic powers in miracles and wonders. Are these same type of powers at work in the church today with a false holy spirit? See how youth can keep their zeal for the Lord.

Revelation 13:1-10

Listen as we unfold the identity of the Beasts and be encouraged to be a witness for Christ as we examine the future persecution of the church. What is the 666 mark of the Beast?